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Terms & Conditions

We're pretty relaxed about things here at Mojo, and don't have many rules. But we do have some conditions of use for our photos that must be adhered to:

All photographs remain the sole and exclusive property of the photographer. It is within the rights of the photographer to receive credit when their images are used. The client accepts that the images may be used in the photographer’s folio, that the images may be used for self-promotion purposes by the photographer, and that the photographer is free to distribute the images as they see fit.

Images are available for use for promotion and advertising purposes, including promotional posters, electronic distribution, magazines, newspapers, flyers and websites ONLY. Any further uses, including merchandise and CD artwork, require additional permission from the photographer.

Images may be altered to suit the purposes of the client, providing the original image is recognisable, and credit is given to the photographer.

Images are free for use on websites, and will be provided without charge to the client in 300x400 JPG format.

Fees for a promotional shoot on location will be made payable on the day of the shoot, unless otherwise arranged. Payment for high-resolution images must be received before the client receives the images.

All conditions are open to negotiation (within reason) to suit the needs of the client. Questions? Contact us.