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About Mojo

Mojo was launched on New Year's Day 2005 as the brainchild of two young music photographers from Perth, Western Australia. A mutual love for capturing the energy of live music on camera brought Kelly and Jacinta together in late 2004. Both had already accumulated a genre-spanning back catalogue of images, and were looking to get those images out into the industry. And as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Mojo's first year was very productive, securing shoots with local and national acts, as well as being taken on as resident photographers by reAKT! magazine. 2006 promises to be an even bigger year. Please don't hesitate in emailing us to express interest in getting Mojo to do a live or promotional shoot for your band. Our rates are extremely competitive, and our aim is to provide quality images in an efficient timeframe and relaxed atmosphere.

MOJO would like to thank...
Perros Locos, for being the first 'Mojo band'
Eskimo Joe, for essentially making Mojo a reality, through several different means
Sioux Tempestt & reAKT!, for opening so many doors
Emma Jack & WAMI, for being silly enough to let us run riot during the 2005 WAMI's
All the bands who have ever offered us drinks out of their rider, given us positive feedback, or have just been willing to give two kids with cameras a go. we salute you.

jacinta mathews
jacinta was one of those horribly artsy kids at high school, doing every art subject possible, partially because she loved it, but mainly to get out of doing maths. one of those arts subjects was photography, and under the guidance of several fantastic teachers she grew into a very competent photographer with a keen eye. after graduating, the photographic bug lay dormant until late 2004 when, armed with a new camera and a renewed vigour, she hit the live music scene in an effort to capture the local heroes on camera in a way that was (hopefully) different. the idea that perhaps photography could develop into a serious hobby crept in after nathan gaunt used one of her photos on his november 2004 tour poster. she has no definite plans set for the future of her photography career. she's just riding the wave and enjoying the hell out of it.

favourites: eskimo joe, jeff buckley, nathan gaunt & the blackeyed dogs, the stereophonics, the whitlams, steve parkin, carus, damien rice, ryan adams, missy higgins, u2, whiskeytown, dave mann, jebediah, ed harcourt, oasis, the beatles, epicure, end of fashion, the magic numbers, 67 special, the living end

Jay would like to thank...
nathan gaunt, for being a better judge of my photos than i am. damn you.
my high school photography teachers (mr chapman, mr burvill, and mr mayfield), for making me the snap-happy person i am today
merri cyr, for taking the most beautiful photos of the most beautiful soul, and inspiring me
the fly by night, for being my favourite photographic venue in wa, and for blessing me with some great shots.
my family, for supporting me in this venture, even though i'm sure they were terrified i'd throw away all my studies to become a struggling artist. cheers.

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kelly armstrong
kelly started to enjoy photography when she was about 14. soon after, she realised it was something she wanted to pursue as a career. she was awarded the visual communications (photography) dux of her school for 2002. she was then accepted into the highly competitive photography course at central tafe. like a lot of art students, she soon realised that her course wasn’t for her. so left after her second year. kelly intends on doing photomedia and teaching next year to hopefully become a high school media and photography teacher. of course her main interest lies in the world of music photography. kelly has been going to see locals bands since she was thirteen and a few years later combined her two loves of music and photography. she loves smoke machines, bright lights and walks on the beach. she hates flash, professional music photographers and not having beer.

favourites: eskimo joe, the fergusons, grand central, gyroscope, the lucksmiths, the smallgoods, dashboard confessional, motion city soundtrack, the hives, thursday, hunting season, ettison clio, after the fall, the bank holidays, new rules for boats, dappled cities fly, rilo kiley, the nordeens.

Kel would like to thank...
kav temperley, for not only being my inspiration but for telling me one day in 2002 to do what my heart tells me, and mainly just to go for it.
grand central, for truly loving what i do.
jacinta, for joining forces with me.
jeremy weiss, my favorite person that captures the world.
the fergusons

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